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Hello Andrew.

Andrew Collins Wrote:
> What I can say is that the more I read about the
> Achealean peoples of the late Lower Paleolithic
> the more I realise that they were far more
> advanced that we can possibly give them credit.
> They created wooden spears, cut, dressed and
> polished wooden planks, they had methods of
> creating fires on a regular basis, and developed a
> highly consistent method of stone axe manufacture
> that persisted for as much as 1 million years.
> They even had their own system of glyphs
> (something I didn't know until yesterday).
> See []

> The hominin species behind these innovations was
> Homo erectus.

Homo erectus is responsible for the Acheulean handaxe and it is still debated whether he could make fire on demand. The problem with the handaxe is that it did not lead to further innovation and the same axe was made for this million or so years. The first use of spears, however, is attributed to Homo heidelbergensis, who used a stone tool very similar to the Acheulean handaxe, but was much more refined being more symmetrical and finely flaked, in which the first definitive use of controlled fire is found as well.

The "polished wooden plank" you are reffering to is dated to c.400,000BP and is part of the cache of wooden artifacts, including the famed "Schöningen spears", found in Schöningen Germany-a notable Homo heidelbergensis site and not Homo erectus as is sometimes reported that rely on earlier classifications that did not yet distinguish Homo heidelbergensis as a separate species.

I would further note it is currently a matter of debate whether Homo heidelbergenesis even derived from Homo erectus at all. While the two do share common physical traits, there are also enough notable and distinctive divergences Homo eructus may in fact not be their progenitor. Regardless, I do not think it is warranted to describe the two as the "Archulean peoples" as it implies a "cultural" continuity which other than the similarities of the Archulean handaxe simply does not exist only further compounded by the morphological differences as well, notably a much larger cranial capacity. The distinction between Homo erectus and Homo heidelbergenesis is one worth making.

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