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Andrew Collins Author Wrote:
> Hi,
> Shamanism draws communities together with unified
> ideas of co-existing with an invisible world that
> surrounds us all the time. For the peoples of the
> past the structure of their civilization might
> easily have been seen as existing in this
> invisible realm, which could be accessed through
> dreams, visions and altered states of
> consciousness and was as real to them as the
> physical world is to us. In fact, to them there
> was no real division between the two. So the
> shamanic civilization co-existed in two worlds,
> the reason why very little physical evidence of
> its place in reality can be seen outside the
> Paleolithic painted caves and the earliest
> examples of monumental architecture such as
> Gobekli Tepe.

Hi Andrew,

I get where you are going with this, but think it's premature to say that "in fact" we can be certain of such things. Nonetheless, as I suggested to Greg, it does seem highly likely that the ancients would have had a very well developed sense of where substances led, if they incorporated them into shamanic rituals that may have spanned ages.

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