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Surrounding Earth by 360° and non-withstanding their individual size varying, the ZodiacConstellations are divided into 12 sectors, whereby each occupy 30° of arc. Employing 25920 ÷ 24hrs.longitude -- every 15°(1hr.long.) retrograde rotation representative of 1080yrs -- being the rate whereby the Equinox advances. From the CurrentEra* back in time by approx. 3hrs. of longitude -i.e. 3240 precessional years lapsed since 1250 BC, in turn referenced by Equinox180°Advance respective LastGlacialMax 14210 BC.

*surpassing by some 29 years of 3240yr timespan (three 15°long.) from 1250 BC to 2019 AD.

The GreatYear, comprising 25920 SolarYears ÷ 12 ZodiacSigns thus equates to a ZodiacalAge of 2160 yrs, whereby a ZodiacHouse is defined. Therefore, 6 ZodiacAges constitute 1/2 precession cycle -i.e.180° true PolarWander in 12960 years.
Each ZodiacConstellation occupies 30° arc, of 2160 years duration, which implies 15°, 1080yrs, either side respective of centre, comprises a ZodiacHouse. Revolving 2x 180° retrograde, Equinox is incurred on diametrical opposite sides the Globe - therefore two occasions 13 millennia apart, when the Sun corresponds with the equator.

Highly significant for location of our own epoch in context of Zodiacal progression respective a GreatYear: appraised from LGM as point of reference, from where precession-wise, mid-way of the 6th ZodiacHouse corresponded with 1250 BC. Thus enduring a further 1080yrs thence, before terminating in 170 BC - a milestone shared by commencement of the 7th ZodiacHouse, which 1080yrs hence attained its mid-way peak - corresponding with the epoch 1250 AD. Persisting 1080yrs onward through the present era, to 2330 AD, upon which inoguration of the 8th ZodiacHouse subsequent to 14210 BC.

The numbers can be precision refined - for practical purpose, nearest rounded figure of 50 was adhered to and accuracy restricted to the scale of my model - TennisBall size representation of PlanetEarth :-) The objective of demonstrating the fundamental concept, which I none-the-less, trust to be of sufficient quality to reboot Academia from the DarkAges into the Age of Enlightenment :o) if only there was a glimmer of willingness to free at least one foot from the quagmire of hybris, in which Establishment dogma is thoroughly bogged down.

What's good for the MainstreamGoose, therefore is equally good for the FringeGander - the day DaffyDuck went on a Bison hunt was bound to have a predictable outcome - DuckHead Tribe 1x dead :o) 1x Bull although wounded, still standing. The Lascaux cave artist knew zilch about TauridMeteor bull... Adopting credible archaeo-astronomy practice can indeed aid escaping the cartoon-stigma associated with GT & YD comet impact fantasies...

Travelling in an arc by 180° from LGM -- coinciding with Equinox14210 BC 58°obliquity at apogee to the EclipticPole -- the path of true polar wander, progressive with time steadily regaining 24°axial slant some 6&1/2 millennia ago, with alignment of the Pole on the star Vega. Attaining 14°obliquity 3&1/4 millennia thence, rounding the EP in perigee, which coincided with Equinox1250 BC. From which time to the present, once more incurring 24°axial slant with alignment of Polaris. Onward from here, the trend is downward - gaining in declination and culmination of the next GlacialMax. 11710 AD, whereupon a GreatYear precession cycle is completed.

VIRGO & PISCES are at right angle to SAGITTARIUS (i.o.w. also respective the Sun & Galaxy☆Center) and likewise to GEMINI. Perturbed by rearward rotation, whereby the Poles revolve in 72°dia. circles, Earth's axis traverse the constellations accordingly - per S.Pole example:
VIRGO1080yrs ● 108yrs Leo 1080yrs ● 1080yrs Cancer 1080yrs ● 1080yrs GEMINI 1080yrs ● 1080yrs Taurus 1080yrs ● 1080yrs Aries 1080yrs ● 1080yrs PISCES1080yrs ● 1080yrs Aquarius 1080yrs...

To assist visualization of above, ref. my image illustrated post: The Age of Pisces on the Mysteries Forum.

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