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How does one determine the start point on a rotary time-piece? Big picture - there is no green light, or chequered line & flag, for precession either - merely synchronization... On the level of an individual mortal, a fractal of the circle will have to suffice - we thus commemorate a day of birth, associated with a Zodiac month. Precessionally, as a mono-ethist by day, I align with our HostStar and nocturnally, select the star Mintaka. With Earth skewered in-between by equinox in alignment with the GalacticAvenue, the correlation of which commemorates the epoch 1250BC - the time-forge for which the GizaTime-Piece was commisioned. []

Egyptian legend is empowered by MonumentalObservatories that function interactive with astronomical phenomena, congruent with modern era science and geographical morphing... []

Galactic alignment, spoke on which our SS is located -- the Sun|Earth relationship -- in visualization... two speres of which the seperaration distance is removed, touching, Polar axis at perpendicular to Sun -- Equinox -- day|night divide cutting through both Poles simultaneous, day&night of equal duration in two hemispheres - constellations background, 12 equal sectors, the cross 4 cardinal fixes - Orion in attendance of TwoMaidens -vs- GalaxyCentre. Intersecting the former crossways at perpendicular, Virgo -vs- Pisces thus portraying of 6-12 & 3-9 calibrated time - degrees of angle - equinox advance 180° diametrically opposed - true Polar wander accompanied by reversal of (day|night) in two vertical hemispheres, respective Sun & Galaxy - pole axis adopts slant in opposite direction -- Equinox -- 1/2 rotation x2 = 360° & the divisions thereof +time+ ranging from fractions, seconds, minutes... to a GreatYear, it's revolutionary, amongst which 2160 year Age x12 = 25920 []

Earth as a sphere incurring revolution - one rearward rotation GreatYear & one regular forward rotation = an EarthDay. Each utilising the same vectoring from the center outward to the spherical surface of our planet, which is gridded by with lattitude parallels, in hemispheres opposite of the equator & intersecting at right angle, longitude meridians that converge at the poles, which in turn are determined by Earth's rotation. Earth's orbital motion derives meaning respective of the Sun, which emits a single lazer-like beam that interacts with the rotating Globe. By night revolution is observed respective the Zodiac - an inner ring/loop surrounding Earth. The ultimate reference beyond which is Galactic - comprising our four dimensional rotary orb that emits time, as we identify with it.

a thought to spare: []

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