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The Ancient Vedics measured Precession for mystical reasons. You obviously consider their model to be flawed which, if it is, in turn would cast doubt upon their whole philosophy.

As I stated, it's the Start Point which I'm keen to establish.

The common Start Point, according to their astronomers, is 0 degrees Aries. However, I have located the star of interest and it's not in Aries. This may not be a mistake, but due to the fact that they did not rely on the common zodiac as a reference.

Have you pinpointed your Start Point to a particular star, or just the zodiacal constellation? The reason I ask is that the 700 year difference between Start Points could easily fit into a 2160 year Age.

You have done a splendid job of explaining your model. Why do you think that Precession was so important to the Ancients?

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