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Around Easter, the Hare Krishna movement hosted a grand occasion, the Festival of Lights, during which much cultural entertainment, tasty food and metaphysical talks were at the order of each day, for a week , or so - all for free and very enjoyable. I attended this in Durban, S.A. earlier this year, during which time I had a discussion with a Yogi. He presented me with a complimentary book, in which the founder of the movement addresses pertinent questions during several interviews (I didn't manage to work through the entire book having got the gist, that seemed to repeat).

During our conversation, I was interested to know how far back in time the origin is considered to be, to which the answer was astounding - of course the legendary Chariot of Krishna and Vimanas pricked my curiousity also... My overall impression however, was of myth to which physical tangibility is rare, or absent altogether in our era - as such, no real measurable components to work with. I consider the Yugas in context of human psyche and association thereof with time period to be approximate -- such as relating to morning, afternoon, evening respective of midday or midnight -- and in terms of constraints imposed on human development by the physical environment, such as what may prevail during each respective era.

Therefore, the approx. 13501 BC Vedic date could possibly identify in broad terms (as we also do in reference to seasons) with the period 17450 BC to 10970 BC, which for sake of conformity I termed an Ice Age and pegged it to 'one quarter' of a precession cycle. More specifically definable is the midway point (GreatYear mid-Winter) 14210 BC - inferring astronomical orientation in conjunction with Solar, as it relates cohesively to the present and with consistentcy to the observable rate of precession - employing rounding for convenience, somewhat under 1min./day or 1° of arc in 72 years, hence the 25920 year (GreatYear mid-Summer 1250 BC). As such, the "Holy Science" postulation of 24000 years has to yield to the former.

The likeness thereof comparable to referencing w.r.t. mid-day or mid-night, effectively, in a year, we have two principal seasons, Summer & Winter, of which mid-way is Solstice related. However, each season essentially commences when the Sun crosses the equator (Equinox) from one hemisphere to the other. Thus, depending from which perspective, respective of the Sun, such is perceived - it is either a TropicalYear or a SolarYear. Similarly, in principle (of my model) concerning a GreatYear in precession terms, comprising two GreatSeasons, of which mid-Summer & mid-Winter in each instance coincides with Equinox* and advance thereof by 180°.

Neither is an EarthDay or SolarDay exactly 24 hours and although such can be extrapolated if required, the min.' & sec." fractions are impractical. Someone requests the time - which is preferred, AtomicPulse or EarthTime sir? even better, it's HappyHour dude! (for the uninitiated: 2 drinks for $ of one) Concerning the start & closure thereof, time is meticulously :-) observed - the interrim period however, is of no consequence whatsoever... Broad term use includes other peculiarities: is it LunchTime yet? oh, but we call tea 'dinner' - I think it's time for that nice cup of tea ;-)

One thing is certain, mainstream science is a far cry from being authorative - media releases are routinely sensationalistic and peer reviewing dubious. If the flimsy pseudo archaeo-astronomy presented by the AoM, is anything to go by... end-time is upon us!

* This being highly significant. Recalling the address of our Sun being on the prime GalacticSpoke -- that splits our Galaxy in two -- linking the nucleus with Orion on the outer edge. Earth's precessional revolution brings about a reversal of two vertical hemispheres respective the GalaxyCenter & the Duat AfterWorld... In Zodiac orientation, that implies alignment with Gemini & Sagittarius, being the long axis of the cross... the shorter intersecting spar, crossways, aligns with Virgo & Pisces -- blueprint of the Cathedral, the house of God upon Earth.

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