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Yes! & thank you for persevering Barbelo - most are not willing, or able to reason... elementary EarthScience proficiency ought to feature prominently in education - it's a great loss to science travesty, that Earth orbital mechanics are essentially regarded as 'a wrap' and therefore treated as a mere introduction to variety of other specialization.

The star pattern is consistent with 'on the spot' axial rotation. We perceive it from the rotating object that produces the effect - the stars are stationary objects (our star also). The Globe's direction of precessional travel is not parallel with the ecliptic plane, as such, the 'depth' (3D perspective view) of the motion is not obvious (eg. observe London Eye obliquely).

In actual fact, once the Start Point of the Great Year has been established, no further astronomical measurements are really necessary, except for confirmation of the progress of the cycle. One could merely count solar years, or full moons or even days and check at solstice/equinox annually.

The Vedic, as far as I know, is restricted to verbal account. My precession model (DIY instructions in EarthGyration article) pinpoint commencement/midway/completion: 1250 BC min.obliquity - being one turnaround point, the other 14210*BC max.obliquity - two diametrically opposed eras -- 13 millennia apart -- each associated with Equinox, which we recall incur two geographic locations on opposite sides of Earth's equator.

Those fixes, in turn, are respective the Orion spur (Gemini -Zodiacal- Saggitarius) that splits our Galaxy down the middle and on which our Sun is located. From the present era (in which the Sun perpendicular is realtime), turning the Globe and counting Longitude digression respective thereof, enables one with a time machine - what more could be desired? The model is harmonious with past sea level & LGM*.

Modern day astronomers havn't an inkling where we are in the cycle, less so, how Earth synchronizes with surrounding space for its duration - strange but true... Yet, the GizaPyramidPlaza -- a Solar tracking device -- locked into Earth's axis & incorporating strategic celestial fixes, monitors the GreatYear - compelling corroboration... However, independent thereof, to evade 'pseudo' connotation, neither my IceAge Thesis or Journal Manuscript, nor the CataclysmicGeomorphology article invoke such 'hocus pocus' ;-)

ps. another 'sweet-spot' impact can commence a new revolution - on another tack altogether - as such planetary precession is random. []

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