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1.) Earth's rotational motion is inherent 'first dimensional', since that is the action to which the Poles owe their existence.

2.) Subsequent to which, the spinning orb exhibits secondary 'outer dimensional' revolution -- an external action, overriding the former as a cohesive -- i.e. a spinning sphere that also revolves at another rate, in a different direction (both motions share a mutual center of non-resistance via two intersecting axes, no problem).

3.) Expanding outward -- the spinning, rotating Earth & companions -- our SolarSystem, which in principle can revolve as a whole. Thereby subjecting Earth to a third dimensional revolution, of which the hub cannot share with the 1st.& 2nd. rotations (since Earth is not stationary but orbits the Sun).

4.) Supreme to the afore, is the fourth dimension - the revolution of our Galaxy -- rotating our SolarSystem, with all of its inner cogs&wheels around yet another hub - its nucleus (our SolarSystem is on an outer spiral, distant from the GalacticCenter).

5?) Expanding further outward, our Galaxy could be rotated in its entirety by yet another external force, however, we need not venture that far... Of relevance to comprehend, all of the above combine in an enormous gyroscope that rotate our planet (non-withstanding its orbital travel) in several different directions, at different rate - each ultimately completing 360 degrees, providing time allowance.

It is well known that the Sun & Moon are (unduly) credited for Earth's secondary rotation, aka precession. Required to blend in-between Earth's spin & SolarSystem action, let's contemplate this 'binary business': anything that moves leaves a trail - be it footprints on land, the wake at sea from Tommy the TimeTravelling Turtle's surfboard, or disturbance of stars...

Star motion -VS- the notion of a binary system
Walter Cruttenden claims the effect observed as precession does not occur w.r.t. the inner SolarSystem - i.e. Earth's axis does not wobble, or change orientation respective the Sun, nor does the equinox advance around the ecliptic. It is propagated that the phenomenon is due to a binary system, of which one component is our host star. Thus, together with the planets and in tandem with another source -- an unidentified object -- our SolarSystem, supposedly, cohesively revolves at a rate that reconciles with the precession phenomenon.

Observable indirectly in (diurnal) star motion, centered on the CelestialPole, Earth's Polar axis rotation is attested - no argument there. Next, changing co-ordinates of stars produce a circular pattern, to which the hub is the EclipticPole. The EP is perpendicular to the Ecliptic, which of course is Earth's parabolic path around the Sun, a stationary object respective of Earth - not in dispute, I believe.

Visualize the EP, vertically extending from the Sun, in two diametrically opposed directions into space -- thus a North EP & South EP -- which convey the perpendicular still point, respective our planet's {plane of} orbit around its host star. Perceived from Earth as revolving around the navel in space, the star pattern is the product of Earth's retrograde rotation. This corroborates precession.

Perceivable also, we can ascertain that the alignment of Earth's Polar axis with the current pole star is in process of changing, in harmony with the star pattern trend. The Binary Research Institute acknowledge the occurrence due to external SolarSystem aspect thereof - i.o.w. true Polar wander is acceptable...

Hmm, let's see... {one of} our next nearest star{s} is Sirius {the brightest}, however, admittedly to distant. Regardless, the undeniable star motion pattern would be distorted. Therefore, in consideration of limiting the radical impact thereof, requires the mystery DarkStar object to be within our SolarSystem - closest possible to Earth...
anyone care to point it out?

edit {bracketed wording} added for clarity

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