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Very few of the ZodiacalConstellations portray the image with which they are associated. The actual glyphs or signs, in contextual application of representing a particular location in the sky, perhaps hold primordial relevance... a universal archetype symbol, which by intent encrypt deeper meaning pertaining our planet, with relevance concerning our celestial neighbourhood and our host star. Roughly following the CelestialEquator, the principle of the Zodiac, in essence, compares to the decals, or calibration on a clockface and likewise facilitate timing, in addition however convey fundamental orientation. Why? - 'cause Earth is constantly on the move!

Scorpio depicts the insect, no doubt. Taurus is not obvious, however its eye, the bright star Albedaran, is unmistakable as part of a conspicuous triangle - adjacent to the one of a kind Pleiades star cluster. Orion accounts for itself - the bull's other neighbour and indicative of the celestial equator. In the vicinity of his raised arm, the twin stars Pollux & Castor define Gemini. The Belt trio of stars point to Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, which is part of CanisMajor, adjacent to Orion. Second brightest is Procyon, CanisMinor... Diametrically opposite to Orion is Scorpus and so on and so forth. Becoming second nature, one navigates the sky - likewise to the road network of our big cities, which is more complex, by far...

Purpose of the Zodiac - two fold in application:
i.) 12 stations to a year, of which the Sun dwells in each House of the Zodiac - more accurately defined as a hoop surrounding our planet in 360 degree of arc (see link in 1st.paragraph). Wherefrom 12 segments are derived, that each represent an equal period of time - the full duration thereof determined by Earth encircling the stationary Sun. Consistent and integral to time, the view is from Earth, speeding along at 30km/sec. on its parabolic path, the observers' line of sight is via the Sun to the background, which is comprised of the Zodiacal imaginary hoop... On two occasions, when Earth's Polar axis is perpendicular to the Sun, the day|night divide cuts through both Poles & the Sun is over the Equator. Therefore, 1/2 orbit later, Earth is relocated by 180° respective the Sun - thereby producing the two equinoxes, in March & September respectively. Each time, the directional slant of Earth's Pole axis is unchanged. Orbital motion thus represents a year - likewise Solstice to Solstice, a SolarYear.

ii.) Precession of the equinox produces a similar effect, however, by very different means and over much longer time period - a Great Year. Comparable to an EarthDay, or SolarDay, the motion incurs revolution - only rearward -- effectively a 'backward day&night' - W. by SW. Rotating retrograde 2x 180° -- thereby advancing the Equinox -- each time, 13 millennia apart, the directional slant of Earth's Pole axis is therefore reversed respective of the Sun as well as the Zodiac. True Polar wander thus incurs change in orientation respective of space... and that is the alure of precession.

If that was all there is to precession, why bother - after all classical theory, other than the celestial effect thereof, does not impact matters on Earth, so why the obsession? Well, with good reason: the pole axis also incurs obliquity change and that hurts man - a very painful experience...

The synchronicity wrt commencement and parameters, eludes contemporary doctrine, yet, an ancient source conveys intricate knowledge thereof - open to scrutiny by scientific means, it yields a consistent result, beyond reproach. The establishment proclaims we, 21st.Century 'civilization', to be the most advanced on the face of the Earth in the history of mankind... Hence a dilemma pertaining the responsible party - the sole remaining option: ancient aliens...

Complimentary to Earth-sky subject & practical approach to Orienteering etc. (unfortunately, the topic is lodged in the Paranormal Board - on the contrary however, it's as real as science gets):

CelestialMeridian []

CelestialPole []

-North- []

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