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Hi, Poster Boy.

My apologies about failing to reply in the other thread. It had been on my mind to get back to you on that, but I'll reply here. I've made quite a number of YouTube videos on psychokinesis. They are all collected in a playlist here: []

But I will draw attention to some of the more important ones.

This is the first time I was able to demonstrate the effect under a glass bowl: []

And this is a better one, showing the same, but without the aid of hands (and using a space-heater at the end to show that the psi wheel doesn't move when pressured by heat: []

In the following video, there is no PK, but I make several recordings over a period of 7 days, to show that movement doesn't occur naturally, despite all sorts of environmental changes.

If I can sum up technique in one word it would be "non-thinking". The obvious question is, how can there be any direction to the endeavour if you can't think about what you're doing while you're doing it. That's because there are two stages. The first stage does indeed involve visualisation of your intention with strong desire. I think of this as getting a message through to the unconscious. Stage two involves a complete mental change from this to a state of non-thinking. I find it helpful to stare at a spot on the table with the psi-wheel peripherally in view. I simply stare (blinking naturally, when required), while letting myself relax. And with enough practice, PK sometimes occurs, sometimes accompanied by subtle physiological sensations (in the arm, hand, and/or stomach). When Taoists talk about moving chi about the body, I suspect it's a reference to the same phenomenon.

I have also had success when accidentally drifting into a daydream state. It appears that the thinking, rationalising part of the mind is the barrier that prevents PK. When that is out of the way, it creates enough space for a deeper aspect of consciousness to come out and play.

I tend to think of consciousness as a focusing of the Universe into subject-object awareness, rather than some sort of entity that sits inside the brain. So when you experiment with these altered states of consciousness, you are essentially playing with the focal setting.


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