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If you really enjoy discussing so much, why are you shying away from here? Seems a bit odd.
Well, now, bearing in mind that you are very fond of jumping in and informing the AoM what I will do and say and what your view of it is, I choose the topics I join in on! This particular author's opinions turned out to be very close to mine, except that he wants to leave a gap between reality and fantasy wide enough to let in his version of what the brain can do, instead of (a) inserting God of choice, or (b) using the more logical actual gap because all the facts are not yet known.

It is like you were looking through your fingers, curious, but not really wanting to find out properly, like you are scared of finding something you don't know anything about, and not wanting to know.
Entirely wrong! In fact, I wrote a response to one of his posts, but sent it in a pm to avoid comments about me personally here.

So much for loving discussions!
That point was answered in my last post.
GG. Susan

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Big consciousness, little consciousness. 208 greengirl5 25-Jun-19 02:37

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