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Hi, GG. Sorry for the delay; I almost missed this one ...

greengirl5 Wrote:
> Now, if we use the analogy of the ocean being all
> there is, a single drop of water is also the
> ocean, but not if it is thrown up in the air. Then
> it is a drop of water. It WAS the ocean before.

I feel that a better analogy is the ocean and the wave. You can look at several waves, they are separate from each other, but each one is inseparable from "ocean". There is no specific point at which the wave ends and the ocean begins.

> My own consciousness is also a bit lost as long as
> it is in my body. It is separated from the whole.
> People with near death and out of body experiences
> know something I don't.

I could equally say that my four-year-old self knows something I don't, because I have forgotten everything I experienced at that age. So is that a separate person? We say no. If you look carefully at consciousness, you can see that EVERYTHING that is not in your immediate awareness right now is separate from consciousness. So the lack of awareness you possess about what another person has experienced isn't any more fundamental a separation than the things that you have experienced which you can no longer remember.

When we use words like "I" and "you", are these really entities? Consciousness is better thought of as a verb than a noun. It's a doing, not a being. It's a coming into focus of the Universe, and it's in continual flux. It has no shape, materialistically. So there are all these different focal points of consciousness, walled off from each other. But they aren't objects in and of themselves. There's no entity called "the self". There is just what the Universe is doing here ... and there ... and over there.

I think of ESP as a kind of bleeding of the barrier that I'm talking about. And how do we do it? By non-thinking, of course (as with PK). By adjusting the focal setting so that the usual rules of "mind" do not apply. And ESP shows that we're not separate, by virtue of the ability of consciousness to bleed like this beyond the apparent barrier of the brain.

I, Universe.
I = Universe.
Everything is one.


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