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greengirl5 Wrote:
> That is a good one, Poster Boy! 1618! As a lover
> of all that stuff with Fibonacci's I can see how
> you must find it interesting. But why would the
> universe have put those numbers on an old writing,
> just to prove a point? A bit far fetched, however,
> all my number 26'es in my family is also weird.
> Are they something to do with structures, or just
> sign posts? Some of course will say "coincidence"
> but that is the easy way out.
> :). GG.

Hi GG,

Before I try to directly address your questions, let me say what I think may be the most important thing in all of this, which is that synchronicity - if this stuff is non-random - simply reminds us that our present paradigms are inadequate to explain syncs. Period.

Beyond the random interpretation, I see two possibilities, which is about all I've heard from anyone anyway.

These syncs may be design, imparted by an extremely advanced agent. If that's true, then perhaps their function is spiritual in nature, to inspire "wonderment", as discreet reminders that we are not alone. Gentle signs that are there to be embraced or ignored, ones seamlessly installed within the greater unfoldment of mundane cause and effect.

The other idea that syncs are based on a mind-matter connection. What's interesting to me, when I think of the Mayans in this context, is this: They really believed in the coming of a new WORLD age. What of their fixation on that subject, which would have occurred for centuries, during the time when they refined the Long Count (which was designed to identify when the world change would occur), which we know was finished no earlier than the 1st century BC or 21000 years ago...

What if the Mayans said to themselves, (with a requisite conviction and attention that may have something to do with Darryl's ability to perform PK), throughout the time they refined the LC, that the world will change around "", which would have been their dating of the turning of the 5125 year, 133 day Long Count.

If we dispense with having to explain their uncanny precision in terms of mundane cause and effect, the door is open to the possibility that this change could be articulated in 'future terms', eg through the 'future' foundational elements, trans Mayan ones, which in my post include the following: the Julian-Gregorian calendar re 1618, the Hindu Arabic number system, re '1618', Phi and the Fibonacci?

All of these things irrefutably came along after the Mayans. When we dispense with our mundane conditioning, the simple fact is that the Mayans didn't have to know about the particular nature of these things or just be really really lucky. They only had to know when the world would change. And as things worked out, when you take their parochial view and project the results forward, some 2100 years, to exactly when they said the changes would kick in, you have a very direct hit on multiple counts. The Julian-Gregorian and the Hindu Arabic number systems are not just big things pertaining to other cultures. They were, in fact, the dominant global forms of expression in 2012, when the 'world' would change, according to the Mayans.

But what if consciousness played a part, and the Mayans' devotion to the idea of when world change occurred influenced the outcome? This is another way that synchronicity may be explained, and our precedent is our understanding of quantum mechanics, where the subject is seen to influence the outcome in ways that defy mundane cause and effect, AND where the rules of time are seen to be something other than what we think of them.

My further thought, however, is that maybe the Fibonacci's reach extends to an as-of-yet-unrecognized causation where syncs are explained. If these two 1618's are due to a kind of mental causation, then the Fibonacci correlations are certainly on point. In Matt 16:18 it seems clear that Jesus was talking about a line of succession, or at least very plausible. The same is certainly true of how the Mayans viewed the turning of the Long Count, that it would mark a renewal of humanity.



> Poster Boy Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > I have always found this passage to be
> > interesting, On the point you raise, it is
> > recorded that Jesus said, "I will build my
> church,
> > and the gates of Hades will not overcome it"
> > (Matthew 16:18).
> >
> > What I find fascinating, is that 1.618 is the
> > number for Phi, which in turn is the basis for
> the
> > Fibonacci sequence, which in turn is known to
> > relate, throughout nature, to renewal or
> > regeneration. In the case of the Fibonacci
> > sequence, the sequence is based on the renewal
> of
> > the same arithmetic function, of adding the two
> > adjacent numbers in the sequence to get the
> next
> > one in the sequence. Dividing the greater
> number
> > next to the adjacent smaller one produces
> > ever-closer approximations to 1.618, hence the
> > 'golden ratio'.
> >
> > As a mathematical metaphor, the verse Matt
> 16.18
> > is highly complementary to the Fibonacci's
> noted
> > properties. That's because this story is
> believed
> > to involve Jesus appointing Peter as the first
> > leader of the Church, aka the first Pope. In
> > other words, Peter is regarded, as a tenet of
> > Catholic dogma, as the first person in a line
> of
> > succession that is in turn based on
> > renewal.
> >
> > Those are the facts. Whether it is a random
> > coincidence is one thing, but at times like this
> I
> > think it is fair and reasonable comment to
> mention
> > a mechanism to which self-professed rational
> (as
> > in reasonable) humans are seen to defer: As
> > improbability rises, at a certain point
> 'chance'
> > is seen to be a poor if not irrelevant
> explanation
> > of events.
> >
> > Finally, if anyone is interested, here's a link
> to
> > a related post where 1618 appears, at a quite
> > perfect time, in thematic (renewal) relation to
> > the turning of the Mayan Long Count calendar.
> >
> >
> []
> > ,1124610#msdOrionurationg-1124610

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