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It is hard to know what he really said or did. And did he actually live? Everybody seems to think he said and did things they like him to have done. Was he married or not? Why should we care?
However, the things I like to be true, whether they are or not, are that he said it was not him that did the healing miracles, but God. Maybe you don't believe in God as a human person, and neither do I. Jesus is supposed to have said that if we ask we will receive. It has worked for me, very well indeed, but I have always first done my utmost myself, and the saying goes that God helps those who help themselves. I know, lots of people have prayed and not received, like in the holocaust, and I don't know how my own last year's will be. But I don't have an answer to that.
Somehow, believing first that you have already got what you pray for is a damn good idea, and I got that from Jesus, whoever or whatever he was, if he was. It is sending your thoughts away, but positively. Call it visualising if that sounds better than praying.

Also what he was supposed to have said about loving yourself as your neighbour. And even you enemy. That is Eastern teachings, and maybe he had it from there. He is supposed to have had knowledge, and recently I read that Joseph of Arimethea, the one whose grave he got put in, was his rich uncle, who had tin mines in England. I read that he travelled with his uncle a lot when he was young. Have you come across any of that? There are these stories of Joseph being in England, and some persistent sayings about him and his tin mines, in those areas in England.
Interesting, but for me, not overly anymore.

I will stick with what has been true for me in my long life. I have collected a whole lot of paranormal things from my life in a small binder. Just so I won't forget. And my son is luckily for me, also interested in these things, and we discuss it often.

Some other author has written books about Jesus, wanting to liberate him from the church and has the opinion that his most important job was to get rid of religion, like the sabbath was meant for people, not the other way round.

Oh, I dunno. Stopped believing his mum was a virgin long ago, if I ever did believe it. Can't remember.

Every Xmas I write about Santa Clause and how I and my sister did not believe in him, as we had piggy banks and used them for presents for our parents and we knew where our own presents came from.

Oh, well.

One more thought. All those peadophile priests, could they have lost their beliefs and thought they might as well please themselves, even if they hurt the kids, as there is neither heaven nor hell? I saw a horrible film on TV many years ago, half documentary.


Darryl Sloan Wrote:
> Hi, GG.
> "I don't think Jesus wanted to start a new church,
> contrary to what is said in the churches."
> I was a Christian for about 18 years. These days,
> I don't have a very high opinion of Jesus. On the
> point you raise, it is recorded that he said, "I
> will build my church, and the gates of Hades will
> not overcome it" (Matthew 16:18).
> He was essentially a cult leader. He told people
> to follow him blindly without critical thinking,
> accepted their adoration, told them to sacrifice
> all their personal savings to the cult. Typical
> cult leader behaviour.
> In keeping with the ignorance of his time, he
> interpreted epilepsy as demonic possession ("Even
> while the boy was coming, the demon threw him to
> the ground in a convulsion. But Jesus rebuked the
> impure spirit, healed the boy and gave him back to
> his father" [Luke 9:42]). He was hateful towards
> people who didn't want to listen to his teachings
> ("If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your
> words, leave that home or town and shake the dust
> off your feet" [Matthew 10:14]).
> As for the alleged miracles, the most telling one
> is when he was hanging on the cross and darkness
> fell across the land for three hours in the
> afternoon ("From noon until three in the afternoon
> darkness came over all the land" [Matthew 27:45]).
> It's telling because it's not recorded by other
> historians. I would think that a widespread
> supernatural weather phenomenon would have merited
> mention outside of Christianity, if it actually
> happened. Obviously, it didn't - which calls into
> question all the recorded miracles.
> Overall, I find Jesus to be a dangerous and
> egomaniacal character. Everything in the past two
> millennia that has been done in his name is, in
> part, his responsibility.
> Darryl

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