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I like Dean Radin and have his books. I will check if I got all those you mention. I think I have three of them anyway.
I have second thoughts about that pk. The dice - long ago! - did not do anything to my body, except I got very excited that they fell the way I wanted them to.
But you say you feel something in your mid-body. Now, recently I have had some small vibrations sometimes when sitting down, and my heart has been doing funny things too when I wake up in the morning, but not always.
I hate going to doctors, they want me to have all sorts of tests, and I haven't got the time or inclination for that. I will just mention that I am nearly 87 and want to stay healthy a fair few more years. I work hard in the garden, pruning, even chain-sawing. It is fun. I can't see there should be anything wrong with my heart. Still. Why is it not just your brain/mind doing the bidding? What has your stomach got to do with it? Something with those socalled chakras? I don't worry about that normally. I am not really into all that Indian stuff, but it is probably OK.

I tell you what happened long ago. I was at my window (not where I live now), and some small boys had their bicycles, and one boy was very angry and constantly trampled on another boy's wheel, on the ground and was about to wreck it. It upset me and I concentrated when the angry boy was back on his bike and said "fall off you so and so" and straight away he fell off! Then he got even more angry. So I decided it was not the right thing to have done and I would never do similar again. I went outside and told him off instead of, and they all went home I suppose.
Later I thought maybe he had some sort of problem and it was not for me to know the answer. That was PK with a living being. Before I did it with dice. It is fun.

Our minds are not stuck in our skulls.


Darryl Sloan Wrote:
> Hi, Ray.
> "I believe that interdisciplinary groups of
> scientists are currently onboard with much--if not
> all--of what you consider to be parapsychology."
> Dean Radin is my favourite scientist who
> specialises in parapsychology. He has written four
> books, all of which are excellent: "The Conscious
> Universe," "Entangled Minds," "Supernormal," and
> "Real Magic."
> Darryl

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