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Great! Just what I have been interested in all my long life. These things are all true, I have done them all myself, but I am not a medium or anything, just an ordinary person. I also have the weirdest dreams all the time. Most of the time I know where they come from, just a rehash of what I have been doing, but put together in a ridiculous way. I just quickly ran through your writings and recognised the dream about driving without handlebars, but like on a one wheeled bicycle (contradiction, bi means two, but you know what I mean). I always take it for being a bit out of control. I hate that, I want to be in control! I am most of the time and those dreams are fortunately rare.
Now, which book is it we should try to read? Graham has not introduced you yet.
Just quickly: your awful dream about cooking the dog. I have had other horrible similar dreams, where I hated it but something in me said "it is necessary". So weird, I could never work out those dreams, and they made me feel very bad.
So, which book are we talking about?


Darryl Sloan Wrote:
> Hi, folks. I'm your Author of the Month for June
> 2019. In my essay, I talked about my interest in
> parapsychology. I'd like to continue that
> discussion here, with your input.
> I maintain that a single paranormal experience,
> carefully examined for its authenticity, is more
> valuable than a physics degree. Why? Because the
> prevailing mentality in mainstream science is that
> a comprehensive understanding of reality is just
> over the horizon. However, when you have a
> paranormal experience, that horizon recedes
> dramatically from view, as you realise how
> clueless you are.
> It's a beautiful feeling - one that I like to
> contrast with the frustrating confusion I used to
> experience back in the days when religion had me
> in its grip. With religion, I needed to understand
> and couldn't understand. But with the paranormal,
> I didn't need to understand. It was a sort of
> confusion that led to wonderment instead of
> frustration. It restored to me the kind of awe
> that a child feels about the Universe - only it
> was an intellectually rigorous awe that I didn't
> need to outgrow. Life, despite of all of its
> trials and tribulations, became deliciously
> mysterious again.
> Parapsychology and magic (which are the same
> thing, really) are not avenues for gaining power.
> I suppose they could be, for someone highly
> motivated by ego. But for me, their real value is
> in how they shape my philosophy, because it's my
> philosophy that in turn shapes my actions and my
> determines my level of happiness.
> So I recommend some occult dabbling. My specific
> area of experience is psychokinesis. There's a lot
> we could talk about: the philosophical
> implications of psi phenomena; techniques for
> successful PK; the links between psi, magic and
> prayer; religious de-conversion and avoiding the
> pitfall of materialism. I look forward to
> receiving your questions.

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