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Hi, folks. I'm your Author of the Month for June 2019. In my essay, I talked about my interest in parapsychology. I'd like to continue that discussion here, with your input.

I maintain that a single paranormal experience, carefully examined for its authenticity, is more valuable than a physics degree. Why? Because the prevailing mentality in mainstream science is that a comprehensive understanding of reality is just over the horizon. However, when you have a paranormal experience, that horizon recedes dramatically from view, as you realise how clueless you are.

It's a beautiful feeling - one that I like to contrast with the frustrating confusion I used to experience back in the days when religion had me in its grip. With religion, I needed to understand and couldn't understand. But with the paranormal, I didn't need to understand. It was a sort of confusion that led to wonderment instead of frustration. It restored to me the kind of awe that a child feels about the Universe - only it was an intellectually rigorous awe that I didn't need to outgrow. Life, despite of all of its trials and tribulations, became deliciously mysterious again.

Parapsychology and magic (which are the same thing, really) are not avenues for gaining power. I suppose they could be, for someone highly motivated by ego. But for me, their real value is in how they shape my philosophy, because it's my philosophy that in turn shapes my actions and my determines my level of happiness.

So I recommend some occult dabbling. My specific area of experience is psychokinesis. There's a lot we could talk about: the philosophical implications of psi phenomena; techniques for successful PK; the links between psi, magic and prayer; religious de-conversion and avoiding the pitfall of materialism. I look forward to receiving your questions.

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