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The Christian church more than any has and is still playing on that concept. Keeps the flock in place.
However, in nature, which our ancestors belonged more to than we think we do these days, there is also a dislike for the ones who are different. Animals are good at picking them out and rejecting them. For practical reasons hunter gatherers are supposed to have got rid of abnormal children. Hard to drag them around when they grow up. Christianity with all its flaws have changed our ideas to more charitable ones. These days parents are often asked though, if they want to terminate "flawed" foetuses. (I don't equate the teachings of Jesus with the Christian church).
Don't animals have territories too? Male dogs pee on things to claim them for their own! Lots of other animals do similar things. It seems to me that males of the various species are aggressive and want to be the head of a harem, so to speak. The females are nurturing, they have to be in many species, with interesting exceptions. Carnivore females are also hunters and fierce protectors of their offspring.

Just a few things I have often pondered on.


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