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Hi, King Poster Boy.

Great ideas! Trouble is, we have democracies, and those kings and queens who remain have no real say. You have to get into politics to have any chance of doing anything, and that is a horrible job, being a politician.

Talking about sewage, I know a lot about ours. We have a septic tank and a French drain. In the early days here we sometimes had sewage on the doorstep. Once just before we had visitors for lunch.
We got a new tank and the drain re-dug. At the moment a heap of long dead foxgloves are on top of the drain and soon new ones will appear. So I must get them removed very soon, doing it my self, as always. The dog droppings I pick up every day and later take them to the tip. But people in towns don't think about that sort, they just press the buttons.

Also, in our summer just gone, I had to buy water three times. My tank had a leak, or so we thought. My son and I started to think I should get another tank, big job for him and also jobs for me. Then he found a tiny hole in a copper pipe under ground, leading to the kitchen. He got som new parts and repaired it, and now I can have long showers again. My geraniums were huge, got about 30,000 litres of water in the hot summer. We should have noticed! It has also rained again, and our tanks are full. Wonderful! It is one way to enjoy the rain, it is our water supply.

The easiest thing would be to reduce the human population, haha, very easy!
Another way would be to make the richest people pay their full share of taxes instead of moving their fortunes overseas. We have an election next Saturday. Fingers crossed!


Poster Boy Wrote:
> Yes, the Wall. My point, gg, is that few saw that
> coming... Remember how permanently entrenched that
> divide seemed to be?
> So, maybe the current threats will somehow also
> dissipate, despite present appearances.
> That said, if your interpretation of Susan's wider
> point about preserving communication system
> involves the preservation of infrastructure in
> general, I would most certainly agree with Susan.
> If I were the king of the world, one decree I
> might issue would go like the following:
> "In exchange for free advanced education, or the
> total exoneration of student debt, recipients
> shall first serve for two years becoming expert in
> things like water supply management, sewer
> systems, firefighting, macro emergency food
> services, communications, civic defense and do on,
> yadda yadda.
> "In addition I, King Poster Boy, decree that those
> who excel, either through their relative mastery,
> or through their noted dedication, (in order to
> accommodate the less brilliant), shall be gifted
> with fully paid 3d printed house and a fossil free
> vehicle, to be provided no less than one week
> after completion of the two year civic training.
> "I King Poster Boy, have spoken!! "
> Consider the sewage system alone...
> How many people in a city of one million even know
> what the real requirements are here?
> 5?
> 10?
> What if the economic system breaks down and theses
> individuals decide to move elsewhere, if
> economic-capitalist necessity???
> Who's going to be able to manage this vital
> system, which must be managed immediately??
> Why not ensure that no less than 5k local citizens
> know exactly what's involved and how to respond in
> this and other vital contexts?
> Next, what if some of those graduates were to
> voluntarily sign up with excellent
> capitalist-related agencies like the Gates
> Foundation, taking their skills to poorer
> countries in order to build state if the art sewer
> systems there?
> These are things that we don't even BEGIN to think
> about nowadays, and that myopic mass inertia is
> just plain stupid, totally retarded, really given
> what we KNOW regarding how vulnerable our
> infrastructure is, if were incur a major hit.
> We are totally exposed, when it comes to our
> ability to cope with sudden macro emergencies.
> If you think this through, you may also agree that
> the general idea makes sense. It's what I think of
> as enlightened civil self defense.
> Susan, I'd be interested to hear you thoughts on
> this general idea... the King Poster Boy business
> notwithstanding, of course. :)

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