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Thankyou Evelyn for reminding me of the sacrifices made to heartily connect with Natural Reality. I have made it my ambition to make MYSELF the sacrifice in everyday living.

That rabbit I told you about visits infrequently. No matter. I have studied various traditions and have found that the common ground is self-sacrifice:
Quote from Proverbs: "He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit (character) than he who takes (ravages) a city". (parentheses mine).

Being a shaman is not necessarily subordinate to Nature, but a belonging to Nature. Sacrifice is a personal commitment and endeavor to BE RESILIENT and UNMOVEABLE at the same stroke of intuitive behavior.

I just don't HAVE a desire to BE angry, nor do I want to anger others. I have some tough characters at my job. Anger is used by some to DEAL with stress. I do have feelings and spend time considering how I might be responsible for SOME OF OTHERS anger, though, I will not diminish myself for vanity (pride) that another may have. It is a rough game, but I consistently repose myself in the situations at work so as to maintain the balance of interactions with others. I choose NOT to react in kind with another, AND I seek a better relation with the other who has a temper practice.

I spent 15 years in a 12-step program and was forced to grow up and be responsible not only for my own actions but also was I reminded that others have similar troubles as myself. My youth was spent in foolishness and reactionary behavior. No longer do I benefit from those actions. My blood pressure thanks me for being a responsible person with no animosity toward another.

Two years and a half have I been altogether maturing EVEN MORE than before on this Forum. I accept the differences and make the effort to coordinate, as much as I am humanly possible, my words with others here. It is a hugh accomplishment for me to engender my words with the different folks here. I still have much to be grateful for and I still will sacrifice my ego to the common good. Practice makes generous gains in cooperation here on GHMB.

Again, thankyou for your insight and reminder to sacrifice myself to a more meaningful life of benign and responsive participation on this Forum. The story is not finished yet.

Blessings to you, Evelyn.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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