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I do the same. I start my day and end it by saying thanks to the invisible world. I have a huge amount to be grateful for. So I am! I try my best to see myself as a spirit in a body, temporarily. That is why I can communicate and get help from where I really belong. I have written down the most spectacular things and happenings in my life where I have had invisible help, after having done all I could myself in my body. Then I connected my spirit to the endless source of all knowledge and all things. What a happy collection, not small either. And that is just the most unusual things. There are all the daily routine things to be grateful for. And I am.
AND I RECEIVED, Just like the great shaman/yogi, call him what you will, said. Jesus by his distorted name.


EvelynRysdyk Wrote:
> As the previous discussions have been getting a
> bit rancorous I thought I post another topic up
> for comment!
> Shamans, particularly in tribal settings, keep a
> focus on balancing the need of of the human
> members of their communities with the natural
> world. They also make offerings to nature to feed
> the spirits, but also to offer their gratitude.
> Indeed, gratitude is a central feature of a
> shaman’s life.
> We’ve learned (through thousands of medical
> studies and through the Institute of HeartMath’s
> research) that gratitude is a healing force. Not
> only is the feeling of gratitude beneficial for
> the one having the feelings, they have been shown
> to positively alter the internal environments of
> other people, animals and even plants around them.
> It apparently initiates healing responses and hits
> a hormonal “reset button” reducing cortisol
> and adrenaline while raising DHEA.
> I certainly start my days being grateful and make
> sure that I stay with the process until I am truly
> FEELING gratitude. It is one way I can offer
> healing and balance throughout my day, especially
> when I’m out and about doing errands, etc.
> So, in the face of all that is happening around
> us, how do YOU hit the reset switch?
> Blessings,
> Evelyn

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