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Thanks for the reminder, Evelyn

I began doing the gratitude thing as a routine, somewhat, starting a few years ago. Then, last year, I got more disciplined about it, and began listing words or short phrases that reminded me of things I should feel grateful about.

Near the top of the list, is recognition of my enormous luck, for having been born in a wealthy society that is also compassionate towards its citizens.

Then there's the miracle of just being here. Inside an organic experience vehicle, on a highly organic rock, for a time. What a privilege to be here for a time, if this indeed Creation. But one can't lose, gratitude wise, even if this is all a Big Accident. How many planets out there don't harbour life, or life as we know it.

I noted that you used the word 'feel' and I agree. I think there's something to the way in which we cloud our perceptions as adults with too much 'thinking'.

Another thing I began doing, as I started to try and organize my gratitude thoughts this way, was to project back to the front end of a time when I was a student, to the onset of a sustained spiritual experience I had that I knew then was authentic and magical. What I didn't know then, was that I would revisit those times in mid-life, where the magic returned and validated my earlier conviction. When I revisited this subject after building my gratitude thoughts, I imagined myself returning to the place where the magic began, as my 20-something self, but this time armed with the knowledge of what will transpire down the road. To which I say this, "You are right, 20-something guy. The magic you are experiencing IS real."

Once I was done meditating on these ideas, until I felt their import, I would redirect my attention to mundane matters, to what I must do or really should do. Then I would address those concerns from higher ground, so to speak, if only that meant going about my business in a cheery mood.

So here's the thing. Just as I was getting going on all of this sort of thinking, I wound up having a run of incredibly good luck. My life - although fine then - shifted, to higher ground. So did my routine, and I forgot all about those mantras I had created.

I have no idea if this is a random coincidence or if it has something to do with my particular way of thinking.

Any thoughts?

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