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I'd say it is a clear need that brings the majority of people to a shamanic healer.

These needs can include, feeling "stuck", having a condition that isn't resolved through traditional medical and psychological therapies, working through life transitions, support for a chronic illness and chronic pain, addictions, unresolved childhood trauma in spite of extensive psychotherapy, failure to recover from a shock, accident or surgical experiences; and PTSD. These are usually the medical/psychological referrals that come to our practice (I work with my partner.)

We also see people that feel as though they are being called to "stretch," that want something "more" in their lives, who are called through dreams to visit a shaman and of course those you are just curious!

Once we have done healing work, we always teach them the shamanic journey process. We have found that having the tools to get insight, guidance, loving support and healing directly from spirit– on their own–empowers the client with a life-long resource that makes an enormous difference in the future trajectory of their lives. It also can assist people to die well when they have a terminal illness in that they get a visceral experience of traveling to other worlds and being met by loving spirits as preparation.

Some people come to us once or twice, others use us a s resource for longer periods. In those cases, we use the context of journeying to support them to continue healing and growing.


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