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Hi Mark!

It is through intention and discipline that all shamanic experiences are facilitated.

I've come to know it as the "infinite fabric of vibrations that creates and recreates all matter."

I always begin with gratitude, and sometimes use an offering as well to concretize my feelings. I invite all my soul has ever loved or will love to be present as I do this. I offer gratitude until I am so full of the feelings, tears well up and my heart feels ready to burst. Then I enter into the journey with drumming or a favorite theta wave track. The "place" is actually all around me/you as it is the foundation of the physical realm. There are no visions, just feelings and experience. I allow by body to fall away with the intention of having it brought to harmony. I experience myself as pure consciousness with no sensation and when I feel that it is time to return, I give thanks for the reweaving of my physicality. I invite back sensation, listen to the whine of my nervous system and the beating of my heart to guide me back. It is always a profoundly moving experience of union--not only with the ancestors but with everything; and of immense love for the fragile, beautiful nature of life.


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