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Size smaller than a dinner plate. Just checked, 20 cm dia. It has four propellers, all plastic, so you cannot chop your fingers off!
Funny, at the moment nature's own little helicopters, or drones are out in great numbers, the dragonflies. Their time of the year. They don't take photos though!
This brand is very steady. And it can either take off from a surface or if you throw it out in the air. it can also come back very gently to your hand.

It is looked at as a toy, or beginners drone. There are videos on u tube. One has a lot of young people competing, flying them through hoops, suspended from a ceiling.

The real big and expensive ones are used in search and rescue, and I am sure all, or most of the aerial shoots we see these days are from drones. Rather than helicopters.

I belive they deliver pizzas in America and parcels too. Move over, carrier pigeons.


Susan Doris Wrote:
> GG
> That sounds fantastic - and what an interesting
> and sensible way of using it. How big is it? What
> sort of shape is it?
> Susan

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