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I dont know how much an animal "thinks" unless it might be a dog that has learned obedience from a human. Other animals too.
But we do a lot of our actions from thinking about it first. Apart from thinking we can also visualise something coming into existence in the way of happenings. Like giving things a mental push, as thoughts are active in themselves and can leave our brains. This is what Susan will keep denying, but I know it is true. The many times it has worked for me, and I am neither a witch nor a shaman, I just long ago took the words seriously from the great shaman, called Jesus. Shaman or yogi. He said of his own abilities that that sort does not happen without prayer and fasting, in other words, he went to the desert, wherever that was and connected with all there is. A desert does not have to be far away, it could be your own room if you can get a bit of peace in there, with a locked door.

Anyway, to heal the world and maybe even save it from total disaster, we must seriously rid the oceans of all the rubbish. We must also look after the remnants of wild animals, which is something I support the best I can. But all the rubbish is so overwhelming. I find it very difficult to tackle that problem in my mind, and physically I can't do anything, being 86 years old.
What are we going to do? Who throws rubbish in the oceans? We all have rubbish and mine goes to the tip as landfill, and some gets recycled. But even landfill is awful with the mountains of used electronics and plastic. And in some countries people live there on top of it all, and the children pick out goodness knows what to sell for a pittance just to eat.

How are we to shrink our populations, which is the real cause of all this badness? One child policy in just China has done very little, there are still too many people there, as well as everywhere else. Maybe a comet hitting earth and an ice age following, but at the moment it is hotting up!


EvelynRysdyk Wrote:
> Shamans use their abilities to perceive that which
> lies beyond our ordinary senses to negotiate
> harmony. This may be within a sick person to
> create wellness, between people in conflict or
> between people and the natural world. Of course,
> this task is also not limited to shamans!
> Toward that end, let's open a discussion and do
> some brainstorming about how we may all create
> more harmonious relationships with other people
> and with our environment.
> Evelyn

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