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You probably won’t like this post, but I wonder if you will attempt a direct response – using straightforward words rather than poetic?

Shamans use their abilities to perceive that which lies beyond our ordinary senses to negotiate harmony.
If they are perceivingn something which is not perceivable by our known five senses, what method or sense are they using? If you suggest something that is not to do with the physical, natural world or reality, then that would, I suggest, be asserting a falsehood. If the words ‘believe that’ are included, then okay.

Harmony and goodwill are what most of us yearn and strive for, but the more that is discovered about us as humans, about our evolutionary process and the evolved traits which enabled our survival,. the more we know that altruism , although perhaps not so noticeable nowadays as it might have been if first members of the human species had been observable by us, then it is still most certainly there. Most people will help others in difficulty, will do their best to make life more comfortable for others. By contrast, the instinct to defend territory and protect others means that a tendency to react with aggression is also very much a survival trait.

And of course another essential trait is the ability to use many different vocabularies for different kinds of prose and poetry.


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