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Carl, I, plus many of my high school friends travelled the world and saw MANY WONDERS of architecture. We saw many peoples in their own environments. We saw fascinating individual capacities in each other.

Much of my American friends chose to live according to the American way of life: a home, neighborhood, a local environment, etc. Yet, I know that we were forever changed by our foreign experiences.

That, in itself, is a magic of interelations with people near and far. I can never forget Ankara, Turkey as the one place I started to know things, from my experiences. Yet, my greater days were in Pakistan and Morocco. I loved being in foreign countries, even when it was difficult. It never changed my American identity, but the "magic" of a different world was intangible to my senses. I was in a dream, for years at a time. About fifteen years of foreign travel was all I needed to realize the big world in much of its variables. Who could ever have dreamed as much as the realities I experienced.

Magic is the STORY WE NEVER TOLD OURSELVES. Only others provided the storylines. And they were proficient in their worldview. It is quite the fantasy to know other parts of the World. I will always be grateful.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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