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Would you say I'm right in stating (in the original Author of the Month text) that all academic disciplines could or even should be "subordinated" magico-anthropology as everything we intuit, create and make stems from magical thinking in some way – even in complex cultures such as ours? Am I breaking new ground or am I simply out on a limb...? :)

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Magico-anthropology 2714 carlabrahamsson 13-Dec-18 11:45
Re: Magico-anthropology 451 Eddie Larry 14-Dec-18 01:58
Re: Magico-anthropology 435 hendrik dirker 15-Dec-18 09:06
Re: Magico-anthropology 438 Robert Jameson 15-Dec-18 17:01
Re: Magico-anthropology 436 cladking 16-Dec-18 16:29
Re: Magico-anthropology 417 carlabrahamsson 17-Dec-18 12:22
Re: Magico-anthropology 613 Itatw70s 21-Dec-18 01:11

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