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I keep a small glass globe handy and it looks like Spain is opposite New Zealand. The Dogon are further to the south, in Mali. Based on numerous factors the geographical locale that I associate archaically with New Zealand (a rough North/South geographic reversal) are the Orkney Islands. They also sit in similar relationship to the electromagnetic pole, which may have significance.

- Laird

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The mythical Wharekura school 2489 Laird Scranton 05-Sep-18 15:27
Re: The mythical Wharekura school 357 Laird Scranton 07-Sep-18 04:42
Re: The mythical Wharekura school 308 michael seabrook 11-Sep-18 21:10
Re: The mythical Wharekura school 311 Laird Scranton 12-Sep-18 14:12
Re: The mythical Wharekura school 453 michael seabrook 14-Sep-18 19:37

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