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One point of continuity between the Maori creation tradition and the earlier traditions we infer that it likely descends from rests with shared attributes of an esoteric tradition and the dynamic by which information was passed generationally. The core element turned on the relationship between an initiate and their informant. Elsdon Best's view was that initiation into the Maori tradition necessitated a long period of interaction between the two before sufficient trust was established to begin introducing inner mysteries of the tradition to the initiate.

Best's own experience played out essentially in question-and-answer form, which is also the expected dynamic in Dogon culture, where it is understood that it is the responsibility of the student to continue to ask the next pertinent question. When that proceeds in an orderly way, the informant is required to respond truthfully.

This is a process that, as we might imagine, could take years to bring to completion.

We might also imagine that initiation to a body of such secret knowledge would be a privilege extended only to tribe members, but both Best's experience and that of French anthropologist Marcel Griaule with the Dogon, was that each tradition was also ultimately open to the sincere outsider who inquired about it in appropriate ways.

- Laird

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