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Thanks for the background, Laird. I'll have to google some of your sources and study for myself before drawing any conclusions.

I am endlessly fascinated with the idea that the Indus Valley people were part of a far more ancient diaspora of people with a culture that we really don't understand yet.

Thanos brings up some interesting points about ancient Sumerian culture being a conduit for cultural and religious ties spreading from the Valley to old Europe, the Mediterranean, Egypt and beyond.

But I think the Indus Valley people may have been part of a larger culture far more ancient than this that influenced the Austronesians that populated the Eastern Pacific as well as ancient migrants from the Zagros/Cuacasus and Altai regions who moved through the Mediterranean far before historical times.

Something I've been working on and thinking about for some time anyway.

I found this comparison between Dravidian script and Easter Island glyphs which I know most of us are already aware of Fascsinating none the less.


I'll have to read a little more about the Egyptian similarities before commenting further but will gladly read any more material you can provide on this.


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