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Hello Hugh

Oh, what an interest you have! It must be amazing to travel to all kinds of places and see such constructions and designs that are quite similar and still unique.

I've seen a few such things, both as standing-stones in arrangements and rock carvings of circular impressions spread about a surface. On the one hand, stones aligned to horizon locations where the sun rose or set at certain times of the year - solstices mainly but also to indicate a day when travelling somewhere else was to begin because of food availability. Also particular stars rising or setting for food or celebratory reasons.

Carved impressions - and some stone arrangements - seemed to depict two things at once sometimes. Some showed similar arrangements to star patterns, while also showing a map of a landscape. Australian Aborigines like to equate star patterns to features of the landscape, where certain stars refer to mountains, water holes, food sources, ceremonial sites and locations of other tribal groups to name a few such things. When a certain star pattern appeared at a certain time of year in a certain orientation, the group would recall the meaning of the sight and what each star referred to, both as a tale about the star in its position and relation to other stars - which may hold a legendary tale humanizing the star and its companions; and as a certain thing on the landscape and what that thing means to the tribe.

I came upon a certain arrangement of impressions in a large rock surface that crossed the boundary of natural into man-made. It appeared natural but no other rock surface anywhere had similar inclusions. In assessing the arrangement of impressions, it became apparent that each referred to something in the landscape; and upon the same surface was a very odd feature being a few metres long and one metre wide. As no-one was aware of the site before I showed some, there was no history to it, so no true knowledge about it except in like-fashion to other such things that exist elsewhere. Because of the really odd feature, the whole location was determined to be quite valuable to a long-since passed group or possibly lore-keeper, and the location is now guarded in secrecy by a local Aboriginal group until the wider area is inspected in better detail than has previously occurred.

The triple-ring feature was most likely caused by an impact while the entire rock was hardening, but the smaller inclusions aren’t a result of debris scattering from that impact, as they are too widely spread and not in directions according to trajectory. The smaller inclusions seem to be rocks placed into the hardening rock but there are no indications of foot prints to lay them down, nor surrounding splattering if they were thrown to where they lay. They do look more do have been carved into the rock.
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In such as you have come across, do you find some refer to the landscape instead of star patterns?



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