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Andrew, you mentioned in chapter 3 the milky way and other realms of light in the Mandean section.

Please forgive me here, as I need to speak of my recent past. I was a member of the Rosicrucians for about one year. I learned about the fundamental three-stage growth process: "Light; Life; Love".

I understand much about the Light, that which illumines the subconscious mind (which scientists call the "unconscious"), meaning an automatic generator of some thoughts, dreams and behaviors. This, in my opinion, is actually not so, as I learned that, through a specific meditation practice, that there is a wealth of "hidden" information. Only the "light" of willful awareness can reveal the spectacle of the unobtrusive mind of the "astral" kind. This is done by actuating all of the senses to an awakened state of awareness.

This was hard to swallow at that time in my journey. Yet, once introduced to that "theme" of consciousness, the blatant dreams, reveries, contemplations, and, most especially, the practice of what is called, The Celestial Sanctum, which is the actual doorway within one's OWN MIND, I was led to that "light" of recognition that helped me to grow stronger in mental pursuits.

Unfortunately, because I departed the Fellowship at the crucial "front doorstep", I recognize the difficulty of gaining the "life" experiences needed to graduate to the "love" trends of their teachings within their curriculum.

Yet, I have been astute to pay heed to "opening" my thoughts and sensations (not always pleasant) so that I may gain some ground nonetheless.

The "mental" state is eventually the state of sensing whatever there is to sense, thus, a conscious state. In one's dreaming there are sights and sounds that implicates a CONSCIOUS awareness; then, due to the awareness there is consciousness.

Now, in my humble opinion, the stirring of bodily waters and the stoking of emotional fires are essential to invoke and embrace the "generative" elements. Whereas, earth, the solid body and air, the spiritual breath are proof of a certain type of awakening to the whole of Reality. These elements are the physical and the soul aspects of our bodies. This is the influence upon our lives, simply put.

I went no further in the Rosicrucian path, so I have to "wing it". I stand at the door and knock.

Thankyou for your book.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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