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Hi Andrew

Good to read you again...been a while since you did some work on the cave system beneath Giza Plateau...I guess you didn’t have a chance to take a little dog in to warn of snakes. Well, congrats on your book and works.

I have a few observations on your article, and wonder if they may have been considerations as you put your book together. I’ll end with an image of Khufu’s Pyramid overlaid to Earth, one part of an analysis I put together that is nicely based on math, geometry, astronomy and the pyramid’s architecture. (various features are quite surprising where they are, especially where the shafts end and where the base is: Denisova Cave, My Kailash, just beyond the Gibraltar Straits and just beneath England; the base upon the zenith path of Sirius in 627CE, ending next to Lake Titicaca and a place in Australia. Anyway, to the observations)

It is surprising the time periods of the human relics in the cave and the Australian Aborigines being quite comparable, especially considering that Denisovan DNA is found in some of the aborigine tribal folk in certain areas and not everywhere. I guess tracing the journey of the DNA from its origin down to Australia can be done, and yet when and where DNA arises does say something really strange occurred with migrations...not all at once but at really different time periods. And yet, the DNA is not found in nearby areas where you show man-made relics that are tens of thousands of years after the cave relics. That does seem quite odd…

I do like the references to the swan and goose as being quite specific and meaningful to the ancients, and wonder if it might have its comparison to the aboriginal Emu area in the Milky Way? That signifies an area of cloudy darkness having a direct association to the Southern Cross and the Coalsack Nebula. When the Emu appears upright in the sky at a specific time of year, it means the emus are laying eggs and it is time to travel to their breeding grounds. All kinds of celestial patterns have similar associations when they appear as ‘such’, and the stars of those constellations can be overlaid to the landscape where stars reference land forms, water holes, hunter/gatherer food stops, ceremonial sites and other tribal groups and lands...its their Song Lines. Any chance the swan or goose and its migratory habits can be referenced to a particular constellation, in such as Cygnus or another?...”time to feed on fowl!”

The Malta Plate might show lakes and rivers instead of ‘snakes’, also those as compared to the Milky Way being a great river with a beginning and ending. I guess the aborigines have the Rainbow Serpent that created the landscape, where it certainly created the rivers and water holes and lakes, and then went back to the sky from whence it had come appearance, the Milky Way standing straight up on the horizon could be a river originating in the sky and washing down upon Earth, and be a reason for all manner of ancient tales of ‘people and animals’ coming down in boats or canoes. Kinda does reference how the dead travel back to the sky in boats and canoes the end of some land form when the time is right to show a strong imagery-connection.

The plate was found west of Lake Baikal, so the second image showing ‘lakes and rivers’ is correctly orientated, but the first image is turned over side to side instead of top to bottom. If top to bottom, then the spirals are quite nice and the bottom part just to the left of where the large spiral exits/enters the scene is a land form. The spiral to the left of that could show it going off the plate and coming back on to the right of that, appearing as two semi-circles...otherwise the semi-circles show the appearances of one or two discs at two different times: the solstices? The high sun and the low sun?

I had a little bit of fun playing with the spirals and their indents and the amounts per spiral/double spiral, and where the indents are in relation to the centre. I pondered if there were indeed numerical values in the indents and where number-multiples appear, in such as 7, 10, 27, 29 etc, and considered that the only valid reason such number-multiples would be relevant would be if the indents were painted the same colour for each number value, and different colours for different number values. In playing with the Harmaka Disc many years back, having different colours did mean something...for the Malta Plate, different colours could be numerical as well as celestial and easily discerned: sun, moon, planets, seasons etc. And the positions of the indents themselves can show particular alignments as straight or curved lines and combinations of such.

I look at Gobekli Tepe as similar with the indents atop the pillars, and the little figurine found in a grotto nearby: several figurines in indents aligned to the horizon showed where something was at a certain time of year and time of night or day...great for astronomical recording and keeping to important things like hunter/gatherer activity or ceremonial observations. Having something large to carry around doesn’t do well, though, so having something in the palm of the hand where straight or curved lines mean certain things can offer up the beginnings of writing systems. Something early like the plate and similar things may show portable calendars...and the alignments of coloured dots held according to a particular time of year against something on the horizon can be easy to decipher.

Anyway, I’ll end with the pyramid/Earth overlay. For the astronomical overlays, in 627CE Sirius is at its highest in the sky and equates to the half-height of the pyramid. For 11,875BCE, Sirius is at its lowest and equates to the floor of the Queen’s Chamber. In the later time, Canopus is in the upper course of blocks of the Queen Chamber, while the earlier time has it in the subterranean chamber. As Earth overlay, the pyramid’s features are quite astounding. Well, there are theories about who the early Egyptians were and where they came from, so I like how the analysis offers images that might be quite real...especially considering how much time it would have taken to watch the skies and record celestial motions as being exact. (Taking the time cycles back a few times has Canopus at different levels of the niche...well, that’s our obliquity for us)



edit: Harmaka Disc inserted over Phaistos Disc

The truth is the truth is all there is

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