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This week is Refugee Week - I was lucky enough to spend time in 2016 with a group of young people who had made their home here in the UK having escaped persecution in their countries of origin. We spent a month talking, finding common ground, learning to trust, and exploring what their experiences of love might be. After a month we came together at different times and we shared our stories. Without exception each story focussed in on 'home' and how their experiences of love found form as they found themselves creating their home. This home existed in the physical world, in bricks and mortar. But it found its deepest resonance in their experiences of community, of coming together with others in the places they lived. I was so humbled and moved to share these experiences with these amazing young people, their frank honesty and directness taught me so much about how I use words to cloak myself.

Some call love as a coming 'home', a return to the heart, to the soul. For these individuals it finds place in acceptance and being able to live everyday lives in their communities without fear.

Love to hear your experiences of 'home' and how love and connection finds form there for you :-)

Matt x

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