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I just looked over my last post and it looks like I was amiss and careless in referring any Gnostic conception to the story of Jesus. I was basically saying, in general, that stories were written, inadvertently the Gnostic AS WELL AS the supposed "canon" included in the current New Testament. I should have specified the Gnostic, separately, as a source of OTHER stories of Jesus, and not included it as the companion to the "official" canon in the New Testament.

I have a few books of Gnostic, as well as alternative books about the subject of Jesus. I was intending to say that there were many stories occuring about this Jesus, of which there are superfluous renditions that are available to study. Where these stories came from there is no telling, but they exist, nonetheless.

PS. I have the Second Treatise of the Great Seth in my Gnostic Bible. I will look into that portion of it.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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