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“Some high Biblical commentators maintain that the gall and vinegar, or myrrhed wine, offered to our Saviour immediately before his crucifixion, was in all probability a preparation of hemp, and even speak of its earlier use”

– The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal (1860)
Cannabis and the Cruci-Fiction?

Upon first reading that statement, you may wonder what those Biblical scholars were high on! Certainly, accusations would fly against anyone who made such a statement today….However, when one takes a look at the history of cannabis as an anesthetic, and then connects this with the above-learned considerations of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal above, it opens up some very interesting possibilities. In 1965 Prof. Hugh Schonefield, in his groundbreaking book The Passover Plot, made the controversial suggestions that the Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus was a planned hoax, done by Jesus and his followers with the aid of a potion that put him in a deathlike coma.

This plan was hatched, according to Schonefield, with the hopes of gaining more support from their fellow Jews. This of course sounds preposterous, but weighed against the generally accepted view of billions of Christians, that a man died, and was raised form the dead 3 days later, a miraculous event still celebrated almost 2,000 years later, it becomes slightly more believable.

In earlier works I have discussed the Hebrew use of Kaneh-bosm, evidence of Jewish use of cannabis infused wines, indications of Jesus’s use of a cannabis based healing oil, and look at the drug induced shamanic initiation of ancient Christian Gnosticism. In this story we examine the greatest of all the Biblical miracles, the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Continue at........ []

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