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Jason, In the last chapter of your book (p. 227) you write: " could draw the conclusion that the symbolism discussed by Hall and Anderson indicates that the Orion constellation played a pivotal role in the communication between living on the earth plane and the dead ancestors and other spiritual being of the Upper and Lower Realms in the Late Archaic and Woodland times." Have you found any earthworks in your region that indicates an "Orion Correlation," much like Serpent Mound (according to Ross Hamilton) represents a Draco Correlation?

Would you say the Adena had a more sky-oriented region in contrast to the Hopewell earth-centered religion?

What are some of the earliest Adena sites? circa 2500 BC or so?

Is what historically was called the Allegewe the same as the Adena, or were they a different tribal group?

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Orion and Adena/Hopewell--a few questions 2028 gadavid 30-Mar-18 23:30

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