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I don’t think we can leave the Hongshan Culture and its apparent official denial, without considering its obsession with the genital organs and the sexual act. Sex education remains vestigial in China, and the attitude to this day borders on prudery. This was compounded by the ‘unisex’ culture under Mao, although like many psychopaths he himself was a highly active sexual predator.

So one element in the denial of the Hongshan Culture, I believe, may be embarrassment over it’s blatant interest in sex, and the massive amount of sexually explicit or suggestive material coming illicitly out of Hongshan tombs, depicting especially the sexual act and male sexual organs. A serious element is that this may justify suppression of the very existence of a Culture that enjoyed and glorified sex, which it saw as completely natural as well as necessary; and that this sits comfortably with the Catholic belief that human sexuality is to be tolerated rather than enjoyed.

The first dealer I collected Jade carvings from in Hong Kong informed me that Hongshan was noted for its sexual art, and the next time pornographic art (if that is what it is) was mainstream was in the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD). I also bought from him a number of small pendants which displayed the sexual act (mostly between man and woman) with considerable imagination and athleticism.

Anyway, I would like to share with you some images of pieces in my collection, which may help inform the viewer of attitudes within this highly artistic and creative ancient culture.

These are small jade pendants/sculptures from early in my collection

Two larger sculptures about 8inches long. This one is in my book

This isn't. Clearly both are having fun. The face of the old man seems Caucasoid.

A shui jing glass plaque

Same viewed from the uncarved side

With better lighting

Small shui jing dick pendants; did they have a ritual purpose?

Mixed iconography dick pendant in agate

Girls, agate

Vagina pendant

What's on her mind?

And finally Donald Bigdick. We have all met men who think like this

And this is typical of some very strange Hongshan thinking

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Hongshan Culture’s obsession with sex; a motive for denial? 3147 drdavidanderson 22-Feb-18 07:42

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