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On visiting Shi Li He (and another market) on the last two occasions, I could not resist buying three pieces that are clearly from much later dynastic epochs. The first is a small tube with a natural hole down the centre, elaborately carved, which I believe is a Warring States piece stylistically. This was one of two similar pieces, and foolishly I only bought one of them. It is definitely carved from the same deposit as the Hongshan glass tubes (see my lecture)

The second is a 20 cm long leaping tiger, which is also much later than Hongshan. Again any stylistic opinion would be appreciated.

The third is a magnificent piece of iridescent glass that had been mounted with a bronze insert, so was clearly worn by someone very important. It makes a stunning piece of modern jewellery. I bought this for about $110 in a market in Chi Feng. It is very similar to egg-shaped stoppers that were pieces placed for burial in the mouth of important people in the Liao Dynasty, so maybe it was worn by the king or queen, in life and used as a ‘gob-stopper’ after death.

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Examples of much later dynastic carvings in Shui Jing glass 2210 drdavidanderson 06-Feb-18 21:14

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