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I shall attach three other pieces of shui jing that contain encased or attached extraneous melt. Two of these are carved plaques, on the underside of which there are impressions of the hard surface from which the glass was lifted. The figures are not typical Hongshan and show stylistic and indeed racial features that are not Chinese; similar figures appear on a large series of pseudo-turquoise ‘coins‘ I bought ten years ago on Ebay. These plaques all seem to have figures in similar style, so maybe glass in addition to being ejected and falling as spheres, also fell elsewhere and solidified in sheets, and was then carved by a racially different people, or in a different era. Unfortunately it is all conjecture.

Piece A. Note the strange stick animal.

Piece B, with one upright and one crawling figure.

Underside of same

The Hongshan bowl

Underside of one corner

I think that is pretty much all I have to write about incorporated surface melt, (except that I presume the carvers would have preferred if it had not been there), but I would welcome your comments.

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