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I realise that the so-called Hongshan Culture and its extraordinary hardstone (jade, agate and China's unique natural glass) carvings is a subject which has passed most people by. But I can assure you that it is an archaic culture of interest to anyone who cares about art and human prehistory. It also just might hold the key, as Graham has written above, to the Younger Dryas cooling 12,800 years ago, which returned man to the ice age for 1,200 years, and the subsequent abrupt warming and catastrophic melting of the Laurentide and other ice caps.

A lot has been written about Hongshan art and culture, much of it in Chinese, or repetitive stuff written in English about a few ‘officially excavated’ pieces, at the beginning of large books by museum-based experts , mainly on later jades. Obviously I am not the one to shout that my book is the best on the subject, especially as I fall into that group despised of many eminent archeologists, the collector. But I can safely say that it is controversial, different from all others, and extensively and well-illustrated. I also have a fair number of copies left, and I want it to be read and criticised. For those that don’t read such books, it is also eminently suitable for coffee tables!

So here’s my offer, to encourage whoever is reading this. Please read my illustrated entry on this site - the link is ( This will give you a taster on the subject, and if interested you can contact me by email to, and ask for a free copy, for simply the price of postage and packing, which (because the book weighs just over 1 kg) is 13.50 Euros to Europe, 24.50 to the rest of the world). This can be paid into my Paypal account. I will send you a signed copy by return. When you have your copy you can decide what it is worth, and if more than just the cost of the postage, send any extra as a donation to Graham’s Comet Research Group Fund. (Graham, or Holly, please provide the link below).

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