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The only references to the goatskin that I currently know is to the Age of Aries (2150 BC to 6 BC). Also, the cup (of liquid) is the Piscean Age (the fish; hidden mysteries).
Now, the Age of Aquarius is a blatant, gregarious and outright blast of ideas forever laid out for all to see. What was extremely the sacred knowledge of the few is now available for all to see and know, thanks to the Internet.
The fish is now replaced by the universal water in which all are living the extremes of knowledge, which is all available, and also, unfortunately likely to be controlled by the few for extreme purposes of containment.
The challenges of Aquarius is to be the flowing waters of wisdom; the lake, the ocean and the atmosphere are always replenished and replenishing the landscape, the mind of mankind. Mankind flourishes in a landscape of fertility and plenty, thus the Natural Way of life. The age of discrepancy is over and past.
The age of ready and willing is upon us. There is no more "waiting" as the old Piscean age predicated. Now is the time of availability and analysis. The new credo is "do" and "do more". The ready mind is persuasive to forge a new plot of liveliness. Liken-ness is the degree of all of life's advantageous applications. The BOOK is open for revision. Now is the Age of realization.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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