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I have an interest in Hermes, but looking at Wikipedia, I only got confusion.

Hermes, the Greek God of interpretive communication was mentioned in The Emerald Tablet. The book, The Emerald Tablet, by Dennis William Hauck, has the last lines as, "Therefore am I called Thrice Greatest Hermes, having all three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe."

The Secret Teachings of All Ages, by Manly P. Hall, has the quote in a language I do not know--"I am called Chiram Telat Mechasot, One in Essence, but Three in Aspect". I suspect, because of the acquaintance I suspect the language to be Hebrew.
He was the patron of astrology and alchemy; Thoth, the Egyptian Hermes were both psychopomps guiding souls to the afterlife.
Hermes was referenced in Hellenistic Egypt. A difference was somewhere made between Hermes, and Hermes Trismegistus. Both Egyptian Thoth, and Hermes were recognized with writing and with magic, which always seems to be the case in metaphysical talents.
Mercury, the Roman version of Hermes was the son of the Nile, not to be spoken by the Egyptians, perhaps because they ascribed too much power to Hermes (Mercury). Perhaps the name Mercury was too involved with Roman occupation of the lower Nile, so that Thoth/Hermes could be sanctioned over the Roman interpretation.

The Emerald Tablet, Tris Hērôs, was Thrice, or Triple Hero.
It said that there was no reference before Hellenistic Egypt (Greek influence). In Mycenean Greek Hermes was "E-ma-ha".

Also, the above name predates the Greek alphabet by three centuries.

There is a 3-volume set by G.R.S.Mead called, "Thrice Greatest Hermes".
There is also a volume called, "Philosophia Hermetica" by A.S. Raleigh (Kessinger Legacy Reprints).

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