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Well, it could be either HER or HIR and have the same meaning according to ePSD. My theory of this Sumerian monosyllabic language being the original source (beyond Greek and Hebrew) is quite a solid one – given the extraordinary number of times that the examples in my translations fit neatly. That’s why I dare to suggest that Hiram and Hermes both come down to us from Sumerian HER/HIR.

Hermes can be broken down into HER and MES. MES/MIS is given on ePSD as a sealed tablet or a cylinder seal, shown as the sign for tablet or scribe but covered in extra markings. There are other meanings for MES on ePSD. They include the hero and darkness. MES is further broken down (in some of the many lists found in Mesopotamia) as ME, which is the spirit, followed by a couple of different symbols.

I haven’t found HER with MES in the texts, and context is essential to know what the original thought behind the name would have been. Nevertheless, we are in the presence of two symbols covered in markings, the binding and the bound tablet, which give us food for thought. What I did find in The Story of Sukurru was ME with ES, the symbol for three, translated to Spirit of the Three or the three spirits. The number three is also particularly important in the phonetic form of the symbol for the tree; GIS, composed of GI/GE, the rod or reed, and ES, the three. Very intriguing, all of it.


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