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The final example of a Masonic rite alluding to acacia-produced DMT, which we'll here discuss comes from the rituals of the Fratres Lucis proper, a splinter group of Der Orden des Gold und Rosenkreuzer. Recall that Cagliostro himself was believed by many to have been a bona-fide member of the Fratres Lucis, so much so that, in writing his Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia, Kenneth R.H. Mackenzie, along with F.G. and Herbert Irwin, resorted to nothing short of conjuring the spirit of the then deceased Cagliostro to visible appearance within a crystal ball for the purpose of questioning him on the nature and history of the Fratres Lucis.

Compare the following excerpt from the first degree of the actual Fratres Lucis with those from Cagliostro's Egyptian Rite.

“Before receiving thee into the Order they took thee into a darkened room, this teaches thee that our Matter is found in a black state -- our Earth. We also took away all the Metals thou hadst upon thee; this shows that our Matter is not found where Metals grow. They tookest away thy clothing; it shows that our Matter is stripped of the Veil with which Nature has clothed it ...Thine eyes were blindfolded; which teaches that though our Matter is luminous and in itself shining and clear, yet that it is only to be found in the darkest dwelling. A [Cable Tow] was round thy neck, by which the body was led; it...teaches the drawing out of our Matter. ...The point of a [Poniard] was applied to thy breast to warn thee to beware of it. It should remind thee that no double edged weapon [need] be used to slay our Hiram and produce his precious blood, which is shown afterwards by a feeble Brother and his bloody handkerchief... In touching thee with the Compasses (held over a plate with blood thereon), the plate of blood held up, signifies that we have another [Poniard] beside the one that was shown to thee, and which we thrust into the bosom of our Matter until it pours forth blood. ...Hiram, which signifies our Matter, has been killed by Three Workmen, in order that they might procure the Word... These traitors buried him and have already his Caput Mortuum. They make a hillock and the dead head appears, as if the Spirits excited it with rage, this is shown by the Branch of Acacia.”

The Fratres Lucis lecture relates an Alchemical application of Masonic ritual which again clearly points to the production of DMT from acacia. Here, as in Cagliostro's ritual, Hiram is treated consubstantially with the acacia. In both, the DMT-rich solution which is extracted from the acacia, our primal matter, prior to the solution's evaporation to a crystalline salt, is identified as ‘Hiram's blood,’ called by Cagliostro the “mercurial part.” According to the lecture, the “Matter” is to be found in the earth; that is, with the roots. For, as Ruck pointed out, the highest concentrations of DMT in the acacia are to be found within the root bark. The removal of the clothing or “stripping of the veil with which nature has clothed” the “Matter” is therefore likely the stripping of the superfluous material -- all but the DMT. The ‘other poniard’ which is “thrust into the bosom of [the] Matter until it pours forth blood” is perhaps an allusion to the (al)chemical solvent used to extract the compound. And, the three workmen may very well allude to the three-step extraction process by which DMT is organically manufactured, etc. etc.

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