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What a great variety of projections of related subjects. I was impressed by Edmond's link to Mindprint. The difficult infrastructure of the link was obviously a count of modern Mod Art in Relation to Archetypal mindsets.
I have ALWAYS been a mod artist. I was doing archetypal paintings and drawings when I was a teenager. I never sold any of them; most were given away. But I still have a few left. I will try to send some photos of my work, which, sadly has not been continuous throughout the years.
Being schizophrenic has its advantages where art is concerned. My view is either a distortion of reality, or purely mental. Either way, it was subconscious for the most part.
I related to the rundown of archetypal pictures in Edmond's link. A few of my subjects were spot-on for the % of typical visual subjects, like birds or pillars, towers or water.
See my link:

I'm sorry, technical difficulties.

I will have to research adding images.

In the meanwhile I have had access to the (un)common trait of archetypal information. Schizophrenia has it's bonuses. There are multitudenous freeways to the sub-or unconscious regions of the mind. It is the craft of the artist throughout all ages. It is uncanny that the themes remain synonymous for all ages. Really, quite uncanny is the archetypal "sameness" for the artist in question. I have individuation, yet the uncommon sameness as other individuals. Truly uncanny and yet true.

I like invention, but it may have occurred elsewhere, to my surprise. THAT IS THE UNCANNY OF THE UNCONSCIOUS WORLD. Spooky.

So, the altitude of mental terrain is actually "mapped" out with mod art. Many expressions are available to see the trend of new artistry. Much can be found on the Internet. Thornton has a gallery, if you look for it. I'm sure more can be found. The newest forms are geometrical figures, as well as crop circles for the last few decades.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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