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To kick things off we’ll jump right into the basics with Cagliostro and his use of acacia in his Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry. In the Apprentice and Companion lectures of his Egyptian Rite, the acacia is again referred to as being the primal matter in a very specific Alchemical operation. When properly executed, this operation results in the production of a “cubical ashlar;” that is, the result is a purified, crystalline stone or salt that has been produced from the acacia. This stone is then dissolved into a “red liqueur,” which is afterward imbibed by the candidate for initiation. Cagliostro’s ritual states:

“The acacia is the primal matter and [when] the rough ashlar or mercurial part has been purified, it becomes cubical ...It is thus that you may bring about the marriage of the Sun and Moon, and that you shall obtain...the perfect projection. Quantum suficit, et quantum appetite [Take as much as you need and as much as you have appetite for.]

“The candidate...shall drink [the red liqueur placed upon the Master's altar, thereby] raising his spirit in order to understand the following speech which the Worshipful Master shall address to him at the same time.

‘My child, you are receiving the primal matter... Learn that the Great God created before man this primal matter and that he then created man to possess it and be immortal. Man abused it and lost it, but it still exists in the hands of the Elect of God and from a single grain of this precious matter becomes a projection into infinity.

The acacia which has been given to you at the degree of Master of ordinary Masonry is nothing but that precious matter. And [Hiram's] assassination is the loss of the liquid which you have just received...’”

Here, Cagliostro has identified the acacia with the Tree of Eden, which Adam and Eve are said to have abused and subsequently lost after the fall. We see the treatment of DMT as both the perfect ashlar of Masonry and the philosopher's stone of Alchemy.

Our detractors have argued that Cagliostro’s libation of acacia is purely symbolic. But why, we ask, would a purely symbolic act be described in the precise terms which one would expect had the same act been carried out literally? Cagliostro writes that his candidates for initiation “shall drink” a liqueur prepared from acacia, the “primal matter,” thereby ‘raising his spirit in order to understand.’ This is exactly the type of language which one would expect if Cagliostro was actually, not symbolically, initiating his candidates with an entheogenic libation of acacia. The compound definitely satisfies the requirements of ‘raising one's spirit’ and imparting a certain ‘understanding’ that comes only from the type of inebriation induced by ingesting the drug. If not for its DMT content, we cannot conceive of any practical reason why the count would have his acolytes literally drink an ayahuasca-like concoction of acacia. Moreover, Cagliostro’s ritual later adds that wine may be substituted for the red liqueur – a clear indication that the intended red elixir was something other than common wine. This was clearly no symbolic act.

Below are supplemental images from La Tres Sainte Trinosophie, an Alchemical manuscript attributed to Cagliostro which appears to display an Alchemical process involving the sprig of acacia.



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