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Thanks, Broker. With a little luck we'll both get to the root of some of these problems. Every religion has its exoteric and esoteric streams. For Islam it is Sufism, for Judaism it is Kabbalah, etc. etc. In religious traditions which do not have an entheogenic sacrament, in most cases it is this latter, esoteric tradition to which we must turn for answers.

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'Higher wisdom' 758 Susan Doris 04-Jan-18 12:40
Lets go round more time! 112 RN Vooght 04-Jan-18 15:41
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Protocol 80 drrayeye 08-Jan-18 07:55
Re: Protocol 86 Susan Doris 08-Jan-18 08:09
Re: Protocol 69 Susan Doris 09-Jan-18 11:43
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Re: 'Higher wisdom' 99 Naveen 04-Jan-18 17:06
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 68 Poster Boy 07-Jan-18 17:27
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 104 P.D. Newman 04-Jan-18 17:29
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 88 Susan Doris 04-Jan-18 19:18
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 84 Susan Doris 05-Jan-18 10:20
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 86 P.D. Newman 05-Jan-18 15:03
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 93 Susan Doris 05-Jan-18 15:15
Different v superior 64 Poster Boy 07-Jan-18 17:23
Re: Different v superior 73 Susan Doris 07-Jan-18 18:02
Re: Different v superior 72 Poster Boy 07-Jan-18 20:27
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 99 michael seabrook 05-Jan-18 20:49
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 81 greengirl5 05-Jan-18 21:37
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 75 greengirl5 05-Jan-18 21:48
Going to the moon and Mars 69 greengirl5 05-Jan-18 22:55
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 96 P.D. Newman 05-Jan-18 23:03
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 70 cloister 06-Jan-18 17:17
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 84 P.D. Newman 06-Jan-18 17:35
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 61 cloister 06-Jan-18 21:30
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 71 P.D. Newman 07-Jan-18 00:39
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 75 Broker 08-Jan-18 01:33
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 78 Poster Boy 08-Jan-18 02:21
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 65 Broker 08-Jan-18 15:00
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 66 Poster Boy 08-Jan-18 17:22
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 54 P.D. Newman 09-Jan-18 22:14
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 76 Broker 10-Jan-18 01:14
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 64 P.D. Newman 12-Jan-18 23:27
Inappropriate off topic 88 drrayeye 06-Jan-18 05:17
Re: Inappropriate off topic 85 Susan Doris 06-Jan-18 05:54
Re: Inappropriate off topic 81 greengirl5 06-Jan-18 09:18
Re: Inappropriate off topic 89 Susan Doris 06-Jan-18 09:57
Re: Inappropriate off topic 84 Itatw70s 06-Jan-18 20:52
Re: Inappropriate off topic 64 greengirl5 06-Jan-18 21:25
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Re: Inappropriate off topic 69 Itatw70s 07-Jan-18 23:29
Re: Inappropriate off topic 73 Susan Doris 07-Jan-18 23:37
Re: Inappropriate off topic 76 Susan Doris 08-Jan-18 06:21
Re: Inappropriate off topic 76 greengirl5 08-Jan-18 06:43
Re: Inappropriate off topic 74 Susan Doris 08-Jan-18 07:43
Re: Inappropriate off topic 80 greengirl5 08-Jan-18 20:00
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 113 Poster Boy 18-Jan-18 16:34

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